About Me

H2 Biology

About Me

This is my professional history.

2004: B.Sc (Hons) in Biology, from NUS
2005: Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), from NIE
2006-2013: ACJC H2 Biology teacher (7.5 years)
2014: Masters of Education (Curriculum & Teaching), from NIE
2015-2017: NJC H2 Biology teacher (2.5 years)
2017-current: Private Tutor for H2 Biology
2018: NYJC (flexi-adjunct) H2 Biology teacher
2018: Published H2 Biology guidebook

I strive to be the best H2 Biology Tutor that I can be.

Mr Karman Chua, H2 Biology Tutor


It’s a tough journey towards the A-levels. The heavy syllabus content, and the self-expectations imposed by oneself is immense. Having friends along the way, or even making friends with your A Level Biology tutor makes for an easier journey. But classroom conversations and discussions without direction is a waste of everyone’s precious time.

While teaching H2 biology tuition, I seek to be the experienced facilitator. With my guidance, I seek to tailor all classroom conversations back towards the requirements of the syllabus, and ensure a smoother and more efficient journey towards the end-goal.

  • Classroom conversations allow for diverse student perspectives on the topic discussed
  • A classroom setting avoids distractions such as the TV, computer, food, and the ubiquitous mobile phone.
  • With my Revision Packages, students experience success progressively
  • Peer Pressure (in a classroom environment) will be a motivating factor


I only teach A Level Biology tuition. That’s my speciality.

If you seek assistance for any other subjects, I can refer you to other highly-qualified subject tutors with the relevant expertise.