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  • Amalroy Lerroy Ashwin, ACJC Class 2SC5 Year 2013

    Committed, Competent and Caring is what that defines Mr. Karman Chua. Definitely the person for your progress.

  • Natalie Tan, ACJC class 2SC5 2013

    Mr Chua was one of the most dedicated teachers I have come across, and he’s very good at explaining difficult concepts in the most easy to understand way. Needless to say, Mr Chua showed passion for teaching as well as for his students, and you will be in great hands with him!

  • Benjamin Chan, ACJC Class 2SC5 2013

    Mr Chua is an excellent teacher who is able to inspire interest in the Subject of Biology in his students. He will definitely be a top class tuition teacher!

  • Yang Kai, NJC class 16SH11, year 2017

    As my biology teacher for one and a half years, Mr Chua has displayed exceptional enthusiasm and dedication towards teaching the subject. Every lesson would be aided with his very own comprehensive diagrams, to help us with the understanding of the topic being taught. As a teacher, Mr Chua also makes it a point to care for our well-being, from ensuring that each lesson wouldn’t be too draining to being a friend that we could open up to when we faced problems with the subject or with JC life in general. Mr Chua’s diligence and passion as a teacher is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • Komal Prashar, NJC class 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua is one of the finest teacher I’ve had! He’s extremely encouraging and seems to know all the bio related concepts very well 🙂 his consolidated notes or what he calls “KC delights” are very very effective in summarising key concepts and aiding us in our understanding of the topic.

  • Candice Goh, NJC Class 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua is one of the most caring, dedicated, and passionate teachers I have met. He makes you look forward to every biology lesson and makes concepts easier to digest. He is also very approachable.

  • Crystal Tan NJC Class 16SH11 Year 2017

    Thank you for teaching us! Benefitted greatly from your careful guidance and attention:)

  • An Qi, NJC 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua is a very patient biology teacher who tries his best to answer the doubts and questions students have. His way of explanation also makes complex concepts clear and easy to understand.

  • Rachel Huang, NJC class 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua was my biology teacher. He effectively interacted with and engaged the class in discussions and was a really inspiring person.

  • Muattirah Ahmad, NJC class 16sh11 year 2017

    Mr Chua is an amazing teacher and he is able to relate to all his students. He has interesting teaching methods that enables him to cater to all his students. He makes learning biology a lot more easier and way more fun! He is kind and caring and he is able to reach out to all his students, nurture them, guide them and inspire them.

  • Pham Ha My, NJC class 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua is truly a dedicated teacher and his method of teaching is unmatchedly easy to understand. I am so blessed to have him as my Bio teacher for JC1 year. I feel my foundation knowledge has become very strong thanks to Mr Chua.

  • Cherie Cheah, NJC class 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua is a really dedicated teacher who never fails to engage us and make Biology so much more interesting and fun. His unique way of teaching does make understanding Biology much easier!

  • Ng Yong Ming, ACJC 2SC5 2013

    He’s dedicated, patient and knowledgeable teacher who uses an unique method to pass on his knowledge of Biology to the students. Most importantly, help students achieve the results with his patient guidance. What more can you ask from a tutor?

  • Kimberley Pang, ACJC Class 2SC5 Year 2013

    Mr Chua was a committed subject and form teacher. He had a knack for communicating with teenage students and allowing us to enjoy Bio as a subject.
    KC Delights Notes were concise and an excellent resource to consolidate tough concepts into bite sized information. He would make a great tutor for Bio!

  • Jan Alfenson Tan, NJC class 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua is a great teacher. He understands the Biology syllabus well, and is able to simplify complex information, allowing us to understand the subject easily. Learning Biology under him has helped me understand and grasp the subject easily. He is also very friendly and patient. I believe these traits make him one of the best Bio teachers I’ve ever had.

  • Jun Rong, NJC class 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua is a great teacher that is able to simplify complex concepts such that we are able to understand them better through his use of anecdotes and his drawings. He does not give up on any student, and will always give his 100% in explaining concepts to us, even if it is a simple concept that should already have been understood.

  • Huang Yuxuan, NJC class 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua’s explanations are really clear and concise, and he always goes one step further in explaining concepts that we would have thought is unrelated. He also dedicates a lot of time in making us have better understanding of each topic by making graphic organisers and really interesting visuals for us to read. Mr Chua is really a great teacher.

  • Ryan Tan, NJC class IPbi2A year 2017

    Mr Chua explains Biology concepts simply, yet effectively using his popular “KC Delights”. He is always open to discussions with students to help get a better understanding of their strengths/weaknesses, and debate about biological concepts to promote mutual understanding and curiousity. Thank you for your guidance Mr Chua!

  • Huang MeiYan, NJC class 16SH11 year 2017

    Mr Chua breaks down complicated bio terms into understandable human language. His diagrams and explanations cleared all the confusion I got from reading the chunks of words in school notes. He is approachable not just for bio, but also for life issues. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you Mr Chua!:)

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